Cardboard box for Frozen Shrimp export

Request for best quotation for

One Million Cardboard box and

One Lakh Master Carton

Item Coloured Cardboard box / Retail box
Dimension & Cardboard
  • L: 186mm x W: 120mm x H: 36mm
  • L: 180mm x W: 118mm x H: 34mm (with easy open)
  • 300 gsm of virgin fibre / paper PE coated
  • Inner PE coating of max. 15g/sqm
  • FSC or PEFC certified cardboard material
  • Suitable for frozen food packing
  • Ink – Huber Resista series
  • Colour – CMYK
Finishing / Process
  • Guillotine Cut and Cutting Mold
Water based varnish
  • Huber Acrylac label gloss 57 S 6800
Quantity 800,000 pcs.

Terms and condition

  1. Total amount of the purchase order will be paid to seller by as account payee cheque/LC/TT/FDD with each purchase order during the delivery of the products.
  2. Seller will assume full liabilities for any damaged products delivered to buyer.
  3. Seller will counter sign the PO as acceptance and send to buyer via email/fax/mail.
  4. Insurance will be covered by seller.
  5. ±2% of total quantity may be allowed per shipment.
  6. Final packing goods Delivery of merchandise within 7 working days from the date of PO and Freight Prepaid.
  7. Seller send final artwork to buyer for approval after seller print out the goods.
  8. Mushok-11 will be provided along with delivery chalan.

The sample, design and sizes are available upon request by email from to @“– directly from the manufacturers only.