Coppersmith or Crimson-breasted Barbet

Description: A rapidly repeated “tonk” note like hammer striking metal, gives this Barbet it’s name “Coppersmith”. It occurs singly or in pairs, in wooded areas and in farm land with trees tending to stay among the leaves, where it is inconspicuous except for its frequent song. The diet consists mainly of fruit. Flight is rapid and direct, with steady wingbeats.

Nest: Cavity in a branch or post.

Distribution: From Pakistan east to China and the Philippines, and south as far as west Indonesia. In Pakistan Indus plains in Punjab; Islamabad; less common in Peshawar valley, Sindh and eastern Balochistan in Nasirabad division.

Field Identification: Grass-green back and tail; forehead and breast crimson; throat yellow; thick blackish bill with long bristles at the base; belly green, yellow streaked. Large eye with rim of bare skin, short tail. Length 16.5cm.

Family: Capitonidae; Species: Megalaima haemacephala; Plumage: Sexes alike; Migration: Non-migrant.